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The Compression Zone Microphone (CZM) is a truly unique engineering achievement. The unique design of its patented sound wave guide makes it the world’s only radially directional acoustical microphone. CZM It outperforms the specificity of directional microphones and the reach of parabolic and boundary microphones.

Whether you are an audio/visual technician, wildlife researcher, sound engineer, or amateur recordist —the CZM Microphone technology will impress you by its reach, sensitivity and excellent tonal quality. In many respects it “hears” like a human ear—from all directions and from great distances—making it an excellent choice for outdoor monitoring and recording applications.  Biologists and ornithologists across Canada are saying that the CZM microphone capabilities are “just like being there.”
Review the CZM Technical Bulletins for more details.

Bioacoustics & Wildlife Recording
  • Breeding bird surveys & counts
  • Migratory pattern monitoring & analysis
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Wildlife Watching & Birding
  • Film & Video Production
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Security Monitoring & Recording
  • Audio surveillance & recording
  • High Security Installations
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Warehouses / Public Storage
  • Parking Lots / Underground Garages
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Law Enforcement Applications
  • Surveillance & Stakeouts
  • Custodial / Investigative Interviews
  • Victim & Witness Interviews
  • Prison Visitor Centre Monitoring
  • Courtrooms
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Conference, Boardroom & Classroom
  • Boardrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Human Resources Interviews
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