Corporate Profile

River Forks Research was incorporated in 1998 in Saskatchewan, Canada.  We are a 100% wholly owned Canadian company that provides specialized audio recording solutions to the full spectrum of outdoor and indoor recording and monitoring sectors. 

River Forks Research holds the patent for the Compression Zone Microphone (CZM) (U.S. Patent No. 6,681,023; January 20, 2004; Canadian Patent: CA 2321670, July 12, 2005). River Forks is currently the sole manufacturer and distributor for this technology throughout the world.

The Compression Zone Microphone (CZM) was developed to fill the void left by directional, parabolic, pressure zone, and boundary microphones, as well as increase the radial range of sound capture, which has been a notable limitation of all earlier microphones. 

It was in 1997 that two broadcast engineers, Brian Turnbull and Dale Zimmerman, responded to the request of an educator working in a group therapy setting, who asked for a ‘high quality microphone that could pick up the quietest of responses my participants make—often made when their heads are down, or speaking in a whispered tone from across the room.’  The engineers classroom-tested the highest quality boundary, pressure zone, cardioid, directional and omnidirectional microphones available.  Each microphone delivered moderate to poor results.

As result, Turnbull and Zimmerman began the process of engineering a better microphone.  They completed their development of the Compression Zone Microphone in 1998.  The CZM microphone is a highly significant engineering achievement.  Its patented design delivers a higher level of sensitivity within a 360 degree radial with a greater pickup pattern and reach than other microphones.