Business Opportunities

How We Can Help Each Other

We are keenly interested in developing alliances with wholesale distributors, brokers and like-minded companies who provide products or services to the audio/video recording sector.

The CZM technology provides users with an unparalleled richness in sound quality recordings in numerous contexts that has not existed previously.  The breadth of potential applications is also limitless.  Our interest extends to:

Wholesale Distributors: If you aren’t already selling the CZM microphones and systems in your professional line of audio/video recording products, contact us.  The CZM microphone fills an important gap in microphone technology for indoor and outdoor audio monitoring and recording.  See our list of applications in our Product Applications section.

Value-added Resellers:  Are you a value-added reseller interested in applying your specialized knowledge and expertise to new applications for the CZM microphone technology?  Have you developed audio/video recording hardware and/or software packages for a variety of markets, and would now like to introduce the CZM microphone technology into your systems?  Let’s discuss the opportunities.

Technology Partners:   Research and development opportunities exist to further develop new technology that complements and/or diversifies the CZM microphone technology for new applications; i.e. (CCTV, audio security sensors, indoor and outdoor surveillance, public space monitoring, etc.)  Contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Advantages of Working Together

  • Wholesale pricing on our product line
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Access to high level technical support, consulting, and training