Law Enforcement Surveillance & Custodial Interview Monitoring and Recording

CZM microphone technology provides unparalleled pickup and intelligibility of conversations and all other audio signals.  It has a natural response curve, which falls at the center of human speech sibilance.  Therefore, it delivers superior sibilance, which makes the CZM microphone a number one choice of audio engineers for indoor and outdoor monitoring and recording.

Surveillance and Stakeouts

Police Custodial Interview Rooms

Search & Rescue

The CZM microphone has become the preferred choice for an increasing number of law enforcement agencies for:

Surveillance and Stakeouts

Police Stations

Correctional Facilities / Prisons

Courtroom Proceedings

  • Outdoor  & Indoor
    • Marijuana grow fields (grow-ops)
    • Meth labs
    • High crime sectors
    • Vandalism
    • Illegal dumping
    • Other
  • Custodial Interviews
  • Victim / Witness Interviews
  • Holding Cell Monitoring and Recording
  • Booking Rooms Monitoring and Recording
  • Search & Rescue
  • Perimeters
  • Exercise Yards
  • Lunch Halls
  • Visiting Centres
  • Common Areas

Important: It is the responsibility of the installation company and end user to install any audio listening devices and surveillance equipment in compliance with provincial/state and federal privacy laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney.