Film & Video Production / Theatre / Opera

For the very same reasons that the CZM Microphone technology is so valuable to bioacoustical and outdoor surveillance applications, it also performs beautifully and effectively for indoor and outdoor film and video projects. 

The CZM Microphone technology delivers high-resolution ambient sound recording ability, combined with outstanding stereophonic reproduction, and unsurpassed sound pick for large areas (360 degree radial). 

It can be configured to provide directional sound pickup that is better than current microphones (i.e. shotgun microphones—with or without parabolas), with a level of sensitivity that is extremely similar to that of human hearing.

Contact us for details how you can:

  • Improve the sound quality of your recordings
  • Simplify set-up and installation
  • Reduce your costs

Other Applications

For any other applications, please contact us to discuss your needs.  The unique design of the CZM microphone technology makes it a great partner for innumerable applications, or as part of an integrated audio or video recording system.

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Important: It is the responsibility of the installation company and end user to install any audio listening devices and surveillance equipment in compliance with provincial/state and federal privacy laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney.