CZM Technical Data

CZM Microphone

Microphone Element:

Panasonic Electret 6mm; Model WV-61A; (Can withstand direct exposure to harsh environments.)

S/N Ratio:

Estimated @ 72 dB (using 90 SPL reference level)

Frequency Response:

50 Hz – 20 kHz (Panasonic Electret 6 mm WV-61A spec)

Polar Pattern (directivity):

360 degrees radial

CZM Microphone

Max SPL:

110 SPL

Impedance (output):

150 Ohm

Microphone Element Operating Voltage:

2-10 volts

Signal to Digital and Analogue File Types:

Uncompressed audio formats, Lossless Compression formats, Lossy Compression formats (See Compatibility List)

Phantom Power Option:

Yes; 12-48 volts



XLR in the base; mini XLR; configurable for other connectors

Current Drain:

4-8 milliamps with supplied microphone pre-amp; with direct connection to Electret microphone 1 milliamp


Extruded injection-molded polycarbonate or laminated wood; variety of colours camouflage, Variety of colours; laminated light or dark oak, walnut, or other wood finishes, rubber feet

Operating Temperatures:

-31.5 to +65.5 deg. C. (-25 to +150 deg. F.) Lower operating temperatures are acceptable; however, the sensitivity is slightly reduced.


10.5" diameter / 2" deep


1.59 kg; 3.5 lbs

Listen to a selection of sound clips made with the CZM microphone.

Important: It is the responsibility of the installation company and end user to install any audio listening devices and surveillance equipment in compliance with provincial/state and federal privacy laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney.